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Here's a few open source projects I maintain (with different levels of activity):

  • h2static: a minimal static HTTP server with support for HTTP/2 and TLS.
  • lmetrics: a Prometheus exporter for metrics parsed from log files
  • lxstats: a Python library to access process and system stats from /proc and /sys on Linux
  • process-stats-exporter: a Prometheus exporter for processes and tasks metrics
  • prometheus-aioexporter: asyncio-based library for creating Prometheus exporters
  • query-exporter: a Prometheus exporter for metrics from SQL queries
  • snap-helpers: a Python library to interact with the Snap system inside snaps
  • sshoot: manager for VPN sessions over ssh (using sshuttle)
  • toolrack: a Python library with a Collection of reusable functions, classes and tools